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Question Everything

November 16, 2011

The movement is everywhere. If nothing constituting change  is accomplished by it, occupy will at the very least go down in history as a poetic attempt to empower the people with knowledge.

Occupy capitalizes on the use of an avant-garde approach at social organization. There is nothing typical about it. It is an installation more worthy our attention than anything on TV, radio and newspapers. The main “issue” which most media seems to emphasize is the lack of a central leader, they argue that the movement is an unfinished specimen: all the parts are there except for the head. While the AP and many others see it as the Achilles heel of the movement, I see it as the golden thread; we are not made weak by it. We are made stronger!

The reason why I argue that the movement is artistic is because it questions everything! (I mean, who in the fuck ever heard or even thought of a leaderless national organization?!?!). We’re not focusing on resolving a single problem for everyone because honestly, there are too many layers to the problem. We don’t want all the cameras going to a single issue, doing so would oust any chance of achieving another. The logical thing to do is to get people to question everything. And let them decide what they will do once they understand the insidious circle jerk that exists between big business and the government.

The only way to get people to understand what is going on in American and Global markets, is to make them do the research. THERE IS NO SHORTCUT to understanding the monster that capitalism has become. There is no succinct phrase that will shed light on the economic bust of 2008. Our government and economy have become so complex, that the only people who understand it are the people that control and feed off of it.

The market value of the words wake up have reached an all time high. #occupy is the only one handing out a fair deal.

-thanks for reading